Resolutions is based in Perth, Australia and directed by Professor Andrew Turnell, co-creator of the Signs of Safety. For the past 20 years, Resolutions has lead the worldwide community of Signs of Safety professionals using and training in the approach.

A new home for Signs of Safety

April 2, 2019

Children’s services needs to be done better.

Signs of Safety sets out to do this and has been making a difference around the world, involving parents and children at the centre of the work.

At its core, Signs of Safety is continuously evolving based on what works for practitioners and agencies undertaking the work with children and families. This continual evolution is key to why Signs of Safety has grown over 30 years, from its birth in Australia, to reaching across the world. Continuing to evolve Signs of Safety based on what works will be at the centre of it continuing to make a difference.

To keep evolving beyond its founders, Andrew Turnell and Steve Edwards, this means passing the baton to a new group who can lead the continued evolution of Signs of Safety.

Resolutions and its CEO, Andrew Turnell, have broadened the approach’s leadership over the past decade, growing the community of licensed Signs of Safety trainers and consultants all around the world. In 2020, Andrew will formally step back and hand leadership and responsibility for the model over to this community.

To put this transition into effect, in January 2019 Andrew established an international, membership-led, not-for-profit organisation called Elia. The Signs of Safety trainers and consultants will form Elia’s membership and thereby take true ownership of Signs of Safety.

From today, Elia will take over from Resolutions running Signs of Safety. Andrew will lead Elia for the first 18 months to assist in creating a smooth transition of responsibility. In July 2020, Andrew will step back and the membership will elect Elia’s board, so that the future of Signs of Safety will be guided from within; by people all around the world who use, train, lead, and are passionate about the approach.

Elia will work together with Munro, Turnell & Murphy Consulting to lead many whole system implementations and take over from Resolutions coordinating the largest Signs of Safety implementations around the world. Resolutions will complete all existing contracts but from today won’t accept new Signs of Safety Contracts — these will be handled by Elia.

Elia will be the only organisation that can certify and license Signs of Safety Trainers or Consultants. It will run International Signs of Safety Gatherings, maintain and develop the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank, and continue to develop the Signs of Safety Information Systems with IT Partners.

By establishing Elia as a membership-led, not-for-profit, Signs of Safety will be placed in the hands of those who are passionate about protecting the vulnerable children and are on the ground training and leading Signs of Safety all around the world. Elia will be the new home for Signs of Safety, continuing to evolve the approach and helping children’s services achieve better outcomes for children and families.

For more information, please visit the Elia website.